Australian Wines Coming Your Way!

There’s usually a selection of wines from Down South in our neighbourhood bars. Often, Aussie reds are offered as the go-to choices in many steakhouses. But if you ask around what people know about Australian wines, you will likely get the following answers:

  • They make red wines like Shiraz
  • Oh, the wines are smooth, bold and powerful
  • It’s from Australia, right?

But there is much, much more to know about the wines from kangaroo land. Apart from being tasty, what makes Australian wines so great, so unique?

Well, we get the answer directly from the horse’s mouth!  ‘Australian Wine Made Our Way’ is a movement from the Australian government, promoting the authenticity and excellence of their wines to the world. It is a celebration of the country’s unique grape-growing environment and colourful history, as well as the strength and bond within their local communities. As they say, it takes a village to raise a child – we can equally say the same when it comes to making phenomenal wines! But what this campaign also draws on is the Australian’s spirit in creativity and innovation. As they are more relaxed in their regional winemaking rules, local winemakers are given the freedom to experiment while still respecting tradition. As a result, they have more cutting-edge techniques and ultimately, thrilling new flavours and complexity showcased in their wines.

Wine Please! is proud to be collaborating with Australian Wine Made Our Way this year. We are proud of our Aussie partners and in all that they do.  Wine Please! is the ultimate one-stop shop for quality Aussie wines in Hong Kong, and is also home to the greatest number of James Halliday 5 Star Wineries. Check out our Australia collection and bring some of their celebration home today!


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