Villa Girardi

Valpolicella, Italy

‘Villa Girardi’ - sounds romantic, doesn’t it? - this bucolic Venetian villa dates back to the 1700s by architect Luigi Trezza. Fast forward to 1986 when the passionate Franco Tommasi established his estate with the same name on this very property in Valpolicella. A region not just known for its picturesque landscape, but also its glorious Amarone (think rich and powerful red!), unique winemaking skills, and some delightful reds with their indigenous grapes. Villa Girardi is Franco’s lifelong dream realized – to share his beloved wines with the world today.

Let the Tommasi family take you through the wonderful estate of Villa Girardi...

"You must know that Mr. Franco Tommasi (Owner of Villa Girardi) is a member of the famous winemakers’ family “Tommasi”, who started their first wine business in 1902.

Mr. Franco is part of the 3rd generation of winemakers of this family so he was born and grown up surrounded by idyllic vineyards, wooden barrels and wine fragrances. In 1986, Tommasi family decided to purchase Villa Girardi (an historical winery from Valpolicella Classica) and Franco took over the reins the company, making it a pure representation of himself, his ideas, his sophisticated taste and his philosophy.

Everyday, he feels the responsibility of keeping the traditional Valpolicella style in all our wines. Passion, curiosity, hard work and dedication are part of his daily routine, along with meandering through the dark cellar, taking in the scent of wood and the excitement of fermentations, and tasting every single wine personally.

As a result, Villa Girardi wines have a strong identity linked to Valpolicella Classico area and linked to Mr. Franco passion and strong personality."


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