Turning up the heat: new-gen iconic wine

It’s no question that the global following for Spanish wines has been growing steadily in the past few years. Not only do consumers enjoy the traditional aspect of Spain’s winemaking heritage, they are also fascinated with the modernization that is defining the country’s wine scene. With the demand, comes the supply, but with the increasing competition and price cuts from the economic downturn, how does any bodega sets itself apart in this manic market?

One particular bodega is up to the challenge and is in hot pursuit of a new ‘landmark’ wine to complete its current range. Marques de Caceres is famous for its quality wines and its steadfast quest for unique climate and land conditions to produce interesting and superior wines. For their iconic wine, Cristina Forner, the president of the bodega, has a few tricks up her sleeves. Stepping up on its quality assurance, the team has already adopted a more rigorous process in selecting grapes and vineyards for the best unique character.

But this new ‘icon’ wine, it’s going to be special! Cristina and her team have identified the perfect plot for their experiment – a few small parcels of 70-year-old vines on the hillsides of Cenicero, northern part of La Rioja, with a 25% gradient and north-facing vines. As Cristina says, “[it’s] ideal for adding a zing of fruit, fullness and charm to structured, dense and rich wines”. And this wine will get the royal treatment – a new ‘hand-crafted’ vinification method in ten special French oak open barrels. New small-sized oak vats will also be adopted by other parts of the bodega as this process can further single out the individuality of the terroirs of where they select their grapes.

This is exciting times within the bodega (and for us too)! We hear that Cristina will be fully involved in this experimental wine-making process, along with her oenologist Fernando Gomez, which shows their determination for this ‘landmark’ wine to be legendary. And as all legends go, they are rare and scarce so…yup, that’s right – it’s going to be super limited in production. So better start befriending someone in the know (that’s us by the way)!

Sources: Drink Business - Marqués de Cáceres looks for ‘landmark’ wine

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